Structural Review

Nedwicke Engineering and Design (NED) provides structural review of building components, building assemblies and entire building structures designed by third parties.

Building Component Review

Building component structural review is often requested by designers who use a third party to verify calculations for individual framing components.  

  • A designer has developed design loading and a preliminary size for a steel column located in the basement of a residence.  The designer requests NED to verify their calculations.   NED will perform a review of the loading and member design.  The client will be provided with comments and recommendations regarding the design.
  • A designer is comfortable with the load development used in the calculation of a floor beam size. However, the designer would like verification the member they have selected is adequate for the loading requirements.  NED will review the member design and provide recommendations for the designer.

Building Assembly Review

Building assembly structural review is requested for assemblies such as walls, roofs and lateral load resisting elements.


  • An architect has provided member sizes and connections required for a two story wall located in the great room of a new residence.  The architect requests a third party review of the wall sizes and connections shown on the plan set.  NED will review the calculations, review the layout and provide comments regarding the design.
  • A professional engineer has performed a lateral analysis and designed a lateral force resisting system for a three story apartment building.  Prior to providing her client with the plan set, the engineer wants a third party review of her calculations and detailing of the lateral force resisting system.  NED will review the calculations and provide comments/recommendations for the engineer.

Entire Structure Review

Entire building structural review is generally requested by registered architects and professional engineers.   This structural review includes a review of foundation, floor, wall, roof and lateral force resisting design.   This review includes comments, recommendations and all calculations generated during the review.

  • A professional engineer has provided all structural design for a townhouse developer.  Prior to submitting the plans to the developer, the engineer would like a third party review of the calculations and the layouts.   NED will reanalyze the structure and provide a report noting any discrepancies between NED's design and the engineer's design.