Structural Inspection

Nedwicke Engineering and Design (NED) provides structural inspections during various phases of construction projects.  These inspections are performed to verify the building is constructed per design plans and/or local building code requirements.

Component Inspection

Component inspection is occasionally required by building departments and/or design professionals to verify components such as open web floor joists or engineered lumber is installed per the manufacturer's recommendations. NED will review the structural drawings provided by the manufacturer and design professional of record and verify these components are installed per the drawings.


  • Inspections of a manufacturer's open web roof joists are required  by a restaurant franchise prior to moving onto the finishing phase of construction.  NED will review the design plans and verify the components are installed per plan.
  • A large industrial building is being constructed of steel frames.  Prior to delivery of the frames, the owner requests verification the anchor bolts have been placed per the design plans. NED will review the plans and verify the bolts have been properly placed.

General Structural Inspection

General structural inspection is often requested by building owners, design professionals and contractors. This is intended as a third party review of the plans and construction to verify the building has been constructed per plan. NED will perform the inspection and provide a summary of the results.


  • A homeowner is concerned his general contractor has taken short-cuts during construction of his/her new home. Thecontractor hires NED to confirm the construction has been performed per plan.  A report will be provided for the contractor.  This report will identify any plan deviations that need to be addressed.
  • An architect, who designs single family homes, includes a third party inspection of construction as a condition of his contract obligations for all of his design projects.  NED will provide this inspection service for the architect.