Engineering & Design Services

Nedwicke Engineering and Design (NED) provides design services that include calculations, details and plan sheets for individual building components, building assemblies and entire building structures.

Component Calculations

Component calculations are provided when a client requires design of single structural members that fall outside of the prescriptive building code requirements.  Clients provide all necessary geometry and associated loading required to perform the calculations.  NED will develop all loading on the framing members based upon the information provided. An architectural plan set or a sketch of the condition is typically provided by the customer.  


  •  Design of headers, girders, beams and floor joists
  •  Design of wood, steel and concrete columns
  •  Design of concrete isolated footings and strip footings
  •  Design of retaining walls and basement walls
  •  Design of shear walls and moment frames

Structural Layouts

Foundation, floor, wall and roof layouts are provided when a client needs sizing of framing members and a layout identifying framing member placement and details required for construction.  Calculations showing member sizes, reactions and deflections will accompany the floor and roof layout. NED typically requires complete architectural plans in order to provide structural layouts.


  • A client purchases house plans online, however, the plans do not include a structural layout that meets local building codes. NED will provide layouts, per local building codes, to incorporate into the clients plan set.
  • A client has a two story wall in their great room.  The wall contains several large windows. NED will provide a wall design and layout that meet window manufacturer and local code requirements.
  • An architect designs the roof and second floor of a structure.  He/she is looking for assistance designing the first level that is supporting the floors above.  NED will provide a first floor design based upon the information provided by the architect.

Project Design

Project design is available when a customer needs a building permit package created for their entire project.   NED will provide elevation drawings, foundation and basement plans, floor plans, roof layouts and sections required for framing. All calculations will be provided with the drawing package.


  • A homeowner has a rough concept of a two story detached garage he/she intends to construct. NED will work with the homeowner to develop drawings providing required elevations, plans, sections and calculations required for construction.
  • A contractor has hand drawn sketches of a single family residence that is to be constructed. NED will work with the contractor to develop drawings providing required elevations, plans, sections and calculations required for construction.