Condition Assessment

Nedwicke Engineering and Design (NED) provides condition assessments of existing structures.  These assessments are typically performed to investigate structural and/or performance issues. Condition assessments may also be accompanied with load rating analyses to determine if the existing structure is capable of supporting additional loading requested by the client.

Structural and Performance Issues

Structural and/or performance issues  are often found after a structure is occupied by the owner or tenants of the owner. NED will review the design plans and perform an on-site investigation to determine the cause for the issues in question. If necessary, NED will provide a repair/retrofit for the item.


  • A homeowner notices excessive floor movement while walking across the their floor. NED will review the existing planset and perform a site visit, if necessary, to determine if the floor design and floor movement is acceptable per code.  NED will provide recommendations to minimize future floor movement.
  • A home inspector notices a large crack in the concrete foundation. NED will inspect the crack and make a determination on the cause of the cracking.  NED will assist the client in providing a repair for the crack and provide recommendations for minimizing future cracking. If the cracking is of structural concern, NED may be contacted to provide a repair design.

Load Rating

Load rating analyses often accompany condition assessments when a client intends to place additional loading on an existing structure.  NED will perform the condition assessment, perform a load rating analysis and provide a report with the findings for the client.

  • A contractor has been hired to add a large covered porch in the back of a single family residence. The contractor would like to utilize the existing wall's columns and headers to support the new porch. NED will visit the site to determine the existing geometry, member sizes and loading conditions.  NED will then analyze the existing structure with the porch addition to determine if the existing structure will meet building code requirements with the new porch.

  • A homeowner intends to remodel their kitchen with a new tile floor and granite countertops.  The existing floor was originally designed to support linoleum flooring and a standard countertop. NED will analyze the floor structure below the kitchen and determine if the floor can support the additional loading.